• Account statistics

    Birdbrain provides an overview of your friend and follower counts, and shows changes to these over the last day, week, fortnight and month¹.

  • Friends & followers

    Tap on a user to load more information, and to follow, unfollow, see their timeline or block them. Easily manage both past and present friends & followers².

  • View multiple accounts

    Use Birdbrain to track as many accounts as you wish. The app stores individual statistics for each account you add.

  • Search for a username on Twitter, see information about that person, and easily follow, unfollow, visit or block them.

  • Praise for Birdbrain

    “The interface is attractive and easy to use, and the entire app feels well thought out.” –Beau Colburn, Macworld

  • “The first thing you'll notice about Birdbrain is its beautiful, inviting design. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it's very easy to pick up and start using right away.” –Michael Johnston, iPhone Alley

¹ Birdbrain stores Twitter friend and follower statistics from the first time you use it, so you'll need to wait at least a full day to see differential data in the Summary view.

² Some users are displayed in Birdbrain as a number rather than a username. These are users that were removed before Birdbrain loaded their details, or that have been suspended by Twitter.

  • Account screen
  • Summary screen
  • Following screen
  • User detail screen
  • New account screen